1953: My father Ivan Carman began a panel beating business in Ward Street Horsham in a small tin shed.

1960: Purchase of the first tow truck and start a 24-hour towing and windscreen service to compliment the growing business.

1966: Moved into larger premises in Hamilton Street where we are currently located.

1969: Introduction of the first heavy duty salvage truck in the region. Over the ensuing years the fleet grew to 9 tow trucks and 14 employees. During that time we began specialising in all types of smash repairs to cars, trucks and restorations. Many of these vehicles went on to win major awards at car or trucks shows.

Flat laminated glass cut to size

Windscreen fitting

Windscreen repairs

1973: I joined the family business and became a partner in 1978.

1996: In the rapidly changing auto industry specialisation became a critical success factor. We closed the panel shop in order to concentrate on towing and windscreens.

2007: We purchased the Natrad Radiator franchise in Horsham. This diversification allowed us to establish a dedicated radiator repair section to complement the services we already offered.

2008: We sold the towing service so we could focus on windscreens and radiators and keep up to date with the latest technologies in both industries.

Today: We employ 6 staff, many fully qualified in Certificate 3: Automotive Vehicle Glazing.

Ray Carman
Director, Carman's Windscreens


Our workshop

Stock of truck and bus glass